Effective tools for helping your body heal

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a powerful tool for realigning the soft tissues of the body.

All falls, surgeries, accidents and injuries leave impressions on the soft tissues of the body. Without treatment, some of those tissues remain in dysfunction, causing pain and misalignment.  IMT can get to the source of these problems and start the healing process. IMT includes very gentle hands on techniques, so is excellent for current injuries, inflamed areas of the body, and for people who prefer gentle bodywork.

For a full session of IMT, clients remain fully dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.


  • unwinds fascia
  • rebalances joints and connective tissue
  • increases lymph flow
  • improves circulation to organs
  • balances the cranial bones/ improves the cranio-sacral rhythm.

Using IMT, my clients have found relief from: nerve pain; low back pain/stiffness; frozen shoulder;  joint misalignment; and inflammation.

As an added help to the healing process, the massage table is covered with a Biomat. The Biomat, an FDA approved medical device, decreases inflammation, removes toxins, and deeply supports cellular healing.

IMT can be integrated into a massage, or can be preformed on its own.  


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